In The Wings

hand painted silk suit, 1987

hand painted silk suit, 1987

Thresholds are interesting ‘edges’ in life, I think.

Markers in time like graduation or marriage, the birth of a child, a diagnosis of some kind.

Within each of those markers are thresholds of their own.

I can feel myself approaching one of those.

There is only so much we can know about this territory because the other side is still a mystery.

Which is as it should be.

Because if we knew we’d be rendered inert most of the time.

Life is hard and then you die.

That’s an adage heard often.

Another choice might be: “Where, oh where is the miracle hiding in this?”

I’m interested in wholeness.

A site I look at regularly is called Stands for Technology,Entertainment and Design.

Looking there ALWAYS stirs up my heart in big and good ways.

Yesterday, I watched a few people talking about a new document called THE CHARTER FOR COMPASSION.

An Indian gentleman spoke of the idea that empathy and compassion are two very separate things.

Empathy is like a tear shed from across the block.. (my words here..)

Compassion can only happen when we, ourselves, are whole human beings with some knowledge of our flaws, broken hearts, disappointments, grief and shadows; have faced them and because of that can now recognize the guy across the street is not immune from his shadow either..

He may not see it yet but it surely lies there in wait.

Knowing this, we can cross the street.

For another or most importantly, ourselves.


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