New Moon

untitled, detail, ceramic

untitled, detail, ceramic

Tonight is the new moon.

I like tuning into it’s location in the sky.

I began a practice last month at the full moon where I wrote down each thing, belief, symptom, any upset at all that I wanted to leave behind.

I wrote it down and tore up the paper into little bits.

I pulled out a vegetable steamer (so glamorous) and went out into the deep night and burned it all.

Gave it all to her.

Since that night a few weeks ago, I’ve felt lighter. And good.

I like the ritual.

Tonight I’ll try to find a more appropriate container for the calling in of anything and everything I can think of that would help me thrive.

It’s good to get this out of my head and let it go..

Urban shamanism..

The rituals of the innocent and wanton in us.

Do I have some sort of cloak to wear?

I do believe it will have to be me and my walker and big down jacket and leopard leg brace with shoes that won’t close.

I somehow think she’ll not care a bit but be glad for the attention.


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