This sculpture is 5′ tall.

I created it by slowly building up the walls in clay and using my thumb to press from the inside of the piece outwards and stopped pushing just as the clay was about to break through.

Something about this process was really satisfying as I did it.

Most of my attention was on the interior of the piece as I worked.

I wasn’t caring too much about the exterior.

The action of coming from the inside and pressing the clay almost to the breaking point left a really lively and raw surface I like very much.

The shape made it’s own way.

It seems uncontrolled and I like that, too.

I kept this piece for my own collection because I thought it had something to teach me.

Something about not caring too much about outer presentation and centering my attention on the ‘inside job.’

The innocent kind of beauty that seems to happen when I concentrate on my own container and keep my attention out of other peoples’ business is the kind of beauty I want more of.


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