Taking Care

'WHITE PEOPLE', detail, 2002, ceramic, size varies

'WHITE PEOPLE', detail, 2002, ceramic, size varies

Three girls traveling…

My good friend, Keek, Olivia the dog, and me.

My friend could give a course in how to take good care of someone you love.

She drove. Read the map as my eyes were not cooperating. Walked the dog. Got groceries. Walked the dog. Drove. Got out to get gas and wash the windshield. She didn’t check the oil because we couldn’t get the hood of the car opened. Walked the dog. Arranged to have our room changed because the one we were given was disturbingly depressing. Nothing obvious but just not right. She asked no questions and just did it. (These are precious girlfriend gifts to one another.. the not asking the reasons for things..) She walked the dog. at night when Olivia wanted to leave Keek’s bed and come to mine, Keek got up and lifted her up onto my bed because it was too high to jump.

And during my various appointments she asked questions I needed to ask but was too preoccupied to remember.

Friendship is not an altogether glittery affair to say the least.

One day I woke up irritable and teary and craving alone time to recharge.

I sent her away to meander the city and Olivia and I quietly talked to one another and meditated and reclaimed lost parts of ourselves.

I told Keek I needed two hours.

She gave me four.

I really think the greatest gift I receive sometimes is SPACE.                         ROOM to be.

No questions asked.

Just the silent understanding of my need for that.

No judgement. No taking it personally. Just the simple open-handed gift of ROOM TO BE.

I learned alot on this trip about how to be a better friend.

I needed help.

I asked.

She said yes.

It was rich and good all the way around.

Now we are tired and recovering in order to reenter our own private worlds.

And life goes on but I have a few more pieces of gold jingling in my treasure chest.


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