"UNTITLED", 2000, 11" x 11" x 4", m/m

"UNTITLED", 2000, 11" x 11" x 4", m/m

I keep thinking about my sister telling me recently that she saw me as resilient.

And how that one bit of reflection has meant so much to me.

I have always cared deeply about making my life some sort of contribution to others.

Taking care to acknowledge people along my path when they move me in their beauty or magnificent ordinariness, even.

This Thanksgiving, I am most thankful for the gift of my existence.

I am going to spend the day and hopefully beyond steeped in the richness, both grand and gritty, of BEING.

I’m not going to ‘make nice’ and wax on about beautiful sunsets and accomplishments in life.

For this day, I am grateful for the mystery and unpredictability and sorrow and forgiveness and brokenness and peace and the very tidal approach and retreat of life itself.

I woke up this morning and the tide was out.

As I write this post, it creeps back in.

I AM resilient, as my sister says..

Because I am in love with the movement of life.

When I can put myself aside as the central and most interesting character, the rhythm of the thing intoxicates me.

And I move…


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