The Long Road

"INSCRIPTION", 40" x 60", 1994, m/m

"INSCRIPTION", 40" x 60", 1994, m/m

Often, when I put extreme effort out there and don’t get the results I expect, I get mad at God.

I’m such a slave to immediacy just like the rest of us here in ‘American dreamland.’

Maybe the results I pray for just aren’t in my best interest.

Or perhaps the timing is other than my desires of the moment.

I keep practicing softening my heart to include intelligence other than what I know.

It helps me to remember that humans are not top dog after all though the ‘self-initiation’ is thrilling to think about.

Actually, any SECURITY I attract in my life is generated through ALLOWING the mystery and OTHER to whisper in my ear and guide my actions.

I don’t know much.

And somehow.. knowing that feels very satisfying, indeed.


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