Uninvited Guest

"GENESIS",  30" x 4" x 22", 2007, ceramic,steel,wood

"GENESIS", 30" x 4" x 22", 2007, ceramic,steel,wood

Late into last night, I was reading contentedly.

My left eye began to tremble involuntarily and create a sense of borderline vertigo.

I closed my eyes to rest but when I opened them, the shaking was still there.

In all the years of dealing with MS, my eyes have never been affected. I took weird pride in that fact.

OPTIC NEURITIS is a very common symptom associated with this disease.

It occurs when the protective coating of the optic nerve is affected.

It’s really just ONE MORE THING on my plate.

Am I up to it?

I was reading a favorite blog called WHEELCHAIR KAMIKAZE in which he wrote so gorgeously about the mental gymnastics associated with disability.

I urge you to read it.

When I did, I felt profoundly compassionate toward the brave man who chose to let us see the shadow side of what happens as a highly intelligent and fully functional human being slowly loses things he took for granted.

What takes the place of those precious things he/I am losing?

We have to make a new life.

And not just us.. the very visibly disabled ones..

Our entire culture and world is being brought to it’s knees.

It’s on a much larger scale so it isn’t as apparent to us.

But look around..

We are ALL being asked to make a new life… Face the fact what we depended on to be there often isn’t anymore.

And so… HOW do we change? Segue into a new and thriving life after the scenery has been changed and the furniture rearranged?

These are questions that interest me very much.

Questions with hard won answers but what else is one to do, I ask you?


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