We Shall Overcome. Or Not.

"SUMMIT", 1996, 14" x 14" x 4", m/m

"SUMMIT", 1996, 14" x 14" x 4", m/m

I watched this great film about the explorer ERNEST SHACKELTON.

It’s one of those fabulous IMAX films meant to be seen in a cavernous half-round giant theater.

But the effect on me just watching it in my living room was enough to set me straight for a long while.

The guy was an honorable explorer.

He wanted to do the Antarctic.

Posted an ad saying he wanted volunteers to explore unknown lands. Frostbite likely. Return uncertain.

Something like 2000 guys responded.

He chose a few and left.

Their ship was caught in an icy sea for months.

He left in a little boat with two other guys and somehow navigated through hurricanes and such and reached the ONLY little whaling village within thousands of miles.

The boat broke down all the way across the island from where the people were.

These guys then hiked w/ nails from the boat attached to their shoes across frigid godforsaken land till the actually reached their destination.

And everybody was saved.

Now why did I insist on telling you all that?

Because, if you are like me, self pity makes a place at the table whether we like it or not.

Watch this film and remember what we are capable of..

Steep yourself in the miracle of human perseverance.

Or just watch the pretty ice.


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