"ONE BLUE SQUARE", 5' x 5', 1991, m/m

"ONE BLUE SQUARE", 5' x 5', 1991, m/m

I am spending my mornings in silence.

No radio and I don’t have TV.

I leave the CD’s in their sleeve and stretch for awhile.

When I eventually get here, to the computer, I’ve often got the thread of something that wants said.

But today… I’m sitting here just looking out the window at all the homes down the hill.

They all have lives just like me; full to the brim with angst and beauty and satisfaction and not.

Their worlds all revolve around the central character- themselves.

The drama gets intense I’m sure, as it does for me.

I’m pretty sure there are a lot of dogs out there rolling over to have their stomach rubbed as mine does.

When the holidays roll in, I usually have these thoughts of belonging to the vastness of the human race and being intrigued by our similarities and differences,


feeling somewhat like an alien peeping Tomasita peeking into windows filled with the theater of families being together in easy and festive ways.

But my experience is made all the richer in this season we are entering by lending one eye toward the joy in seeing humans be together, love one another, appreciate the OTHER..

..and lend the other eye toward the SILENCE which seems to be the template that everything else springs from..

It makes me feel very whole and connected to keep my attention in both places, oddly enough.


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