What Do You Do?

"THE WAY", 6' x 5',  1997, m/m

"THE WAY", 6' x 5', 1997, m/m

My support group met yesterday.

I so admire these people.

They are gorgeous ‘warriors-in-life’.

I asked them to share what practical (or not) things did they do on days when they are too tired or sad or frustrated or angry or weak or WHATEVER to perhaps get back closer to center and reengage with the world? (Or even take a shower)

It was such an honest and human conversation.

“I stay in bed until it passes, however long it takes.”

“I give myself anything I want.. I mean ANYTHING. Films all day, sleep, whatever. ”

“I keep phones all over the house especially on the floor in case I fall.”

“I have a few good friends who can deal with my changes.”

“I keep myself REALLY hydrated and take trace minerals which seem to help.”

“If I find I am getting really frustrated trying to transfer into the shower or some other task, I STOP. I breathe and realize the stress I am causing myself is not helping me. I relax and try again.”

“I spend quality time with my dog.”

“I take care of the little person in me who is freaking out and try to calm her down.”

“If I fall in a place when I am alone and can’t get up, I call 911. I ALWAYS have my cell phone near me. ALWAYS.”

These are the voices of heros.

We are no different than anyone else except our challenges are VERY close to home and are guests who never leave.

And this relentless knocking on our door is the thing that makes it very necessary to pull in, sit/lie down and regroup.

And unless we do the rest/pause thing as a part of our normal day; ‘IT’ will do it for us.


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