untitled, 1996, ceramic

untitled, 1996, ceramic


I had Christmas dinner, yesterday, with new friends.

One, I had spent a total of maybe three hours with.

Her husband I had never met.

I thought it rather odd of me to accept their generous offer of taking me to dinner as I don’t REALLY know them and it was CHRISTMAS, after all..

But I did. And I am so very glad.

I keep wondering how it is that a very few times in life (in my case) an entire history of time spent together becomes moot as the ease of an unmistakable KNOWING of a person presents itself and the two of you just carry on in the heightened reality of: “what IS this?” but then again not wanting to dissect the gift.

So you carry on just enjoying the ride.

Occasionally cocking your head whispering to the ‘larger-than-ourselves’ , “THANK YOU.”

Building a friendship is hard work and a time consuming thing so when one gets the gift of a good one just dropped in ones’ lap, you have to take pause…

It has happened to me often enough so I don’t question it.

This ‘thing’ occurs in varying increments in life; sometimes a whollop of recognition and other times the reality of it sneaks in through a smile or written word or touch or kindness given.

Time means nothing.

It is reassuring in that way.

Sometimes, I have not been the best ‘chooser-of-theater-partners-in-life’ so I’m ssssssoooooooo grateful when it appears an outside force seems to orchestrate the meeting.

A gift of the highest order.

An arrival.



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