Compassion.. or something



My dog has taken to copying my movements by scooting across the floor while dragging her right leg behind her.

(I don’t actually do the scooting thing as I AM still upright… blessedly…)

When she first started doing this it stopped me in my tracks.

Was it a submissive ploy to get a treat?


She actually picked her right leg (the choice from which she never wavers) to connect with me in this way.

My right side is my weak side; arm and leg.

When she does this, I am often spirited back to the playground in gradeschool when the bullys would make fun of my overbite or propensity to hit home runs when they weren’t.

A dorky friend would always make sure I knew I was great and good and perfect and not alone.

He would always do this with some private sort of non-verbal attempt at kindness.

He was awkward but did I care?

I was NOT alone out there on the playground!

Someone SAW my magnificence!

Or, at least a little courage.

Is there ANYTHING better than that? Really?

To be seen, truly?

I think not…

So, here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, there is a girl and a dog who ‘get’ each other.

And life is good.


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