Good Egg

untitled, 2002, ceramic, steel, lgst.= 30"h x 4"d

untitled, 2002, ceramic, steel, lgst.= 30"h x 4"d

A Mexican man works as a busboy at a local restaurant I like.

Every time I see him, I can’t stop watching.

He sort of glows…

He goes about his business ever-so-unobtrusively with an air of serenity I rarely see.

His attention is on the task at hand but who he is as he works affects those around him in subtle but unmistakable ways.

He is beautiful to look at but that’s not the point.

The energy around him is somehow contained and not sloppy, but really generous just the same.

Words like impeccability and integrity come to mind.

He is clearly at peace with the whole deal; who he is as he does his job, the quality of job he is doing, even those of us watching him.

I’ll speak for myself but I am drawn to him because of his quality of ‘owning the piece of ground I walk on’ he exudes and it and there isn’t even a HINT of ego. Just peace and a quiet and radiant enjoyment of the moment.

All his ducks seem like they are in a row.

But I’m sure if I asked him, he’d have another story to tell.

I think that, right there is the POINT!

There weren’t no story doggin’ that man..

He left it at home and had it in him to meet the day..

Fresh, like. Free of content.

And what a gift that was…


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