"WINTER", 1990, 30" x 30", m/m

"WINTER", 1990, 30" x 30", m/m


I was up a good deal of the night, last night, reading my favorite book, “A JOSEPH CAMPBELL COMPANION, Reflections on the Art of Living.”

It is a very little book but the one that speaks to me loudest after all these years.

The guy had it goin’ on, I tell you.

The real deal.

One thing he said: “It is all about finding that still point in your mind where commitment drops away” has me taking pause…

I am ssssssooooooooo commited to getting healthy.

I don’t think he means drop the commitment?

Rather live on the razor’s edge, maybe?

That place between surrendering completely to the course of this health challenge AND being ever alert and active in moving toward health, whatever that LOOKS like?

Well, with all the question marks I’m using this morning, clearly I don’t have this figured out..

And onward she goes, into a brand new day where possibility exists for answered questions, good chocolate, a surprise flirt or a smile from a dog.


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  1. Pamela Markoya on January 5th, 2010

    Yes, in order to experience the new….the “current”….I must let go, be still and be.
    Cathy, thank you for your reflections and reminding me of Joseph Campbell.

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