My New Video!


I have been working on a short (5 minute) video portrait in which I speak about the changes taking place in my life since I was diagnosed with MS.

This is my first effort toward my desire to begin speaking publicly to schools, hospitals, really any group interested in looking at disability in healthy and ‘non-victim’ ways.

My definition of disability is not just the kind I deal with which is readily visible to all.

I consider disability ANYTHING that keeps one from living a life of wholeness.

Is the MS I deal with that different from the effects of a learning disability or poor self worth or poverty or depression, acute shyness or addiction?

The list goes on and on.. those hidden fractures we cover up to look good.

A huge common denominator is the fact that in all of these examples of living separated from Source (however you define that) one’s mind is infected like a virus and thinks of little else beyond HOW TO MAKE IT GO AWAY.

There are ways to live on the razors’ edge, as I call it, where half of one’s attention is given to the hope of a return to what we considered ‘whole’ and  the remaining intention directed toward looking at ‘what IS’ and making peace.

I have the sort of weird blessing of not being able to hide my disability and the interest in articulating what possibilities exist that have helped to allow a thriving life.

I am a work in progress. A large part of my own healing is transparency.

The video is posted on You Tube as well as here on my blog (see Cathy’s video page).

Please let me know what you think…

I’d really like to know.


4 Responses to “My New Video!”

  1. S Rose on December 27th, 2009

    And yet again, thank you for your honesty and the beauty of your vulnerability. The process of becomming, of wholeness , we are all in the same boat.You have taken this and are using it as a gift. I love watching you speak and hearing your words. Thank you for the look inside and the willingness to be so visible. I love the video!

  2. Judy on December 29th, 2009

    Your brilliance shines in this heartfelt video. An edited life is still a beautiful one. As you have done with your art, in this video you distill your experience to its essence. By doing so, you connect with your/our essential truths. That is the lesson I too have learned from MS, which has taught me many unexpected lessons. Thank you.

  3. Alexandra on December 29th, 2009

    You are a shining star…brilliant and beautiful. The energy that comes through you is nothing but Source. I am soaking in your life changing words. Thank-you for teaching us so very much. I love you, Alexandra

  4. Cynthia Berg on December 30th, 2009

    I thought your video was very clear. It said what I have begun to feel myself. A way of letting go of other things just as my body lets go of its functions. You are bookmarked on my computer.

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