untitled, 1985, 5" x 5', pigment on wool flannel

untitled, 1985, 5" x 5', pigment on wool flannel

Pretty much everyone I know is having teeth issues..

Losing them, changing them, veneering them, crowning them..

Teeth are power tools.

They don’t like being messed around with or forgotten.

I went to the dentist for a cleaning yesterday and left angry.

His attention was SO ELSEWHERE.

So much so that at the end he left me in the extreme recline position with my bib still on.

I gyrated best I could and got myself out of the chair and left to pay the giant bill.

What was missing here?


There was not much I could do there in the chair with instruments poised in my mouth as he cleaned my teeth.

But I did not go away.

Psychically speaking.

I was THERE.

Gave it my all.

And then left feeling empty and bereft, somehow.

Then, I had to PAY for it on top of that!

So.. what’s the point here?

The whole thing reminded me what happens when I withdraw my energy from ANY experience.

Good stuff, important things get missed, overlooked or passed by.

Things that may never happen again.

The dentist guy missed me entirely.

I didn’t get the chance to experience him either.

Before MS, stuff like this wouldn’t cross my mind…ever.

I was BUSY.

Wonder what I missed?


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