Virgin Galactic

"FINE LINE", 1999, 11" x 11" x 4", m/m

"FINE LINE", 1999, 11" x 11" x 4", m/m

New Mexico is host to Richard Branson’s big adventure.

For $200,000.00 you can experience 5 minutes of weightlessness and a 1000 mile view as the high points of your voyage from Earth to the edge of outer space and back again.

The plane was supposed to be unveiled to the public for the first time from the Mojave Desert day before yesterday but the flight was postponed due to high winds.

Check out this plane.

I love the over-the-top entrepreneurship of Branson.

He wanted something and went out and made it happen.

The display of this kind of passion and will helps me have hope that there are people out there that care very much about the eradication of MS and all neurological question marks.

And that results from their explorations are soon forthcoming.


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