untitled, 22" x 4", 1998, ceramic,steel

untitled, 22" x 4", 1998, ceramic,steel


As I become more my authentic self over time, I am giving over my need for independence and watchful of the desire and necessity for INTERDEPENDENCE.

In Santa Fe there are many capable women.

The town is a magnet for women.

All the faces of Eve.

And then there are the ensuing complaints about there not being enough men.

I happen to like men’s company very much and see the male population wondering what it is, exactly, that we women think we want?

We don’t necessarily have a good answer to that question so we often make them wrong to save ourselves from the truth of it:

We don’t know.

And THAT is exactly as it should be, I think., at this point in time.

Things are a’ changin’ and NO BODY KNOWS MUCH OF ANYTHING these days.

What I do sense is the arrival on the planet of a perhaps very old and forgotten or maybe brand new energy which has little to do with the intellect-driven cultures we have been enchanted with for so long.

Women of substance play a role in the anchoring of this new thing here, where we live on planet Earth.

It is what we do best; open, receive and bring back the jewel.

I wrote the following little story a few years back with all this in mind.

It is imperfect, New Agey and saccharine in places but I wanted to post it in it’s original form and not get too sophisticated about it.

Please read it not as gender specific but as an exploration of energy.



Once upon a time there were three women standing forward with thousands,even millions at their back lined up as far as one could see. These women were smart, courageous and chosen. Their job was to create the path to the giant stone circle resting atop the bluff some 30 miles West. The stones rested on sacred ground and had been long forgotten and left to the tangle of overgrowth.

They gathered their machetes’ and cleared their minds. They moved with pointed intention and cleared the way, inch by inch. Together they stooped and cut back the brush.

At last, as they approached the threshold of the old stone circle, they saw a letter there. It read: “You may possess power, wisdom, strength and compassion yet all these are useless unless one last ingredient is included. Discover this and you may enter.”

The three women passed ten sleepless nights struggling with the riddle. On the eleventh night with the full moon, the women remembered.. The answer was the power of the OPPOSITES. They were half of a whole. Nothing of substance could occur without male energy to balance their female natures. With this flash of recognition, four male sentinels appeared and took their places in the East and South and West and North with the circle in the center. Softly, gently and purposefully they came.

The women paused to lock eyes in gratitude with each of the men who had heard the call and came offering their protective,honoring, intelligent force field for without which the women could not access their true purpose.

The women prepared to enter the circle. The men took their places and held. As the women entered the circle itself, a veil of shimmering lights sparkled softly and cloaked the circle as it dropped ever so slowly into the fifth world, invisible to all.

The men stood their ground. Unshakable and proud in the evening shadows. The wind brought the unmistakable sound of a whispered “Thank you” as it passed by and went on its’ way.

—C.A.  1997


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    I was doing a search for wind energy job today and came across this post, Energy | Healing Through Multiple Sclerosis. Interesting to say the least.

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