"MAN", 30" x 4" x 4", 2003, ceramic, steel

"MAN", 30" x 4" x 4", 2003, ceramic, steel


I absolutely love the privilege of being a woman.

And men interest me.

Their way of being in the world is so different.

It intrigues me, this difference.

They seem like the dance of negotiation and ‘all-your-ducks-in-a-row’ kind of living is second nature.

Their confidence in themselves seems almost cellular.

And when that quality crosses the line into the dark arts of manipulation and entitlement, rest assured this is not of which I speak today.

I do envy the attention to foundation building men often display.

We, women love the circle.

Their energy, in the best sense, feels like the square.

Think of the symbol of the square with a circle drawn inside it; the circle touching the lines of the square in each of four meeting places.

Those four points of meeting become rare and precious and important when looked at in this way.

Then look at all the rest of the symbol aside from the four points where the two shapes meet and you see 99% of the action in the symbol.

But the power of the thing would not exist were it not for those four meeting places AND the rest of what is going on..

Because my life is guided by the circle and I have chosen it as my mentor does not mean I have no interest in the square.

I am well aware that the transformation, wisdom and access to ways of being other than the norm are DEPENDENT on the interaction of these two representations of energy.

I am not talking about gender-specificity.

Energy is energy.

I AM looking at my lifelong penchant for doing it all myself and the fact that that stance has brought me only so far..

(Please bear with me as I am thinking this through as I write)…

(The ‘circle-thing’ in action!)

I see that I can go no further without the foundational support of energy that is NOT my nature.

If I am to plumb the depths of anything there has GOT to be a force holding the rope somewhere.

Some would say all you need is God.

This ‘other-than-me’ energy can and does show up in many forms.

I’m just saying I’m well aware I need it to move forward in an effectual and thriving way.

A way that does NOT render me less, but MORE.


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