Seeds of Change

"SHAMAN'S COAT", 1996, 12" x 12", m/m

"SHAMAN'S COAT", 1996, 12" x 12", m/m


In Santa Fe, we have a museum, The Folk Art Museum, which houses the magnificent Neutrogena Collection of textiles.

It was here I saw an Eskimo parka made of the varying delicate colors of gut.

Esophagus, intestine, organs..

It is called a ‘KAMLEIKA’.

It was really something to behold as it was so modern and stylish in it’s shape and construction which was similar to applique’.

That coat was the inspiration for this piece of art.

Waterproof with a hood and gorgeous economy of design.

In the cold, Alaskan winters, one would have to practice economy in everything.

I’m finding myself integrating more and more economy into my own life.

Ways of making a bed without extraneous movement.

Putting on a sock.

Cooking, cleaning, thinking, dressing, socializing, budgeting, dog-walking and supplement-taking are all getting simplified and made more potent because of it.

My nature is to be curious about the gift available in each moment.

I am certainly blessed that way.

Somehow, the direction that continues to be most interesting for me is the one that has an unknown quality about it…

…a path yet untravelled.

I get myself into alot of trouble this way.

In my current incarnation as a woman dealing with MS, I am learning things like the beauty in economy.

Ten years ago, believe me, I was likely on the road to go GET SOMETHING: consume something, see something, make something, go somewhere.

Today, yes, it IS because my situation demands it, but I’m beginning to look at economy as an ART.

Just look at modern architecture!

And Zen Gardens.

And a good chocolate truffle.


I love thinking about this and looking around feeling the ‘extra’ in daily life and making decisions to do something about it.

Like let it go. Give it away. Find a new way. Get help to do something that I don’t do well. Make space. Decide differently. Forgive. Stay silent. Set a boundary. Trust myself.

It is ALL about ENERGY CONSERVATION at this point.

Emotional, physical, psychic, mental and spiritual.

Would I be doing this work of editing in my life were it not for MS?

Probably not.

Would I wish this situation on anyone?

Absolutely not.

Because of it, am I changed, changing?


Do I yearn for a soft place to fall?


Is it all bad?


Is it bad alot?


Do I know anyone who would answer those questions differently than I just did?


Ok… moving forward….


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