"QUARRY", 1991, 18" x 18" x 4", m/m

"QUARRY", 1991, 18" x 18" x 4", m/m


Even in the midst of physical changes and concerns around future security, I can feel something new coming..

So odd, really.

Because I know the difference between something made-up and wished for..

And the core knowing of something-or-other about to change.

It could be anything.

But I feel it’s goodness.

How do I know it is not just a dream or desire?

For me, a wish has a particular feel having to do with complicated mind-constructions that need to be built from the bottom up..

A knowing has nothing to do with any kind of construction site.

It feels like it already IS and I just need to catch up to it.

I LOVE when this happens which isn’t often.

The pure intoxication of just floating in still water; trusting, ready, curious, not at all sure but not really caring either..

Something just feels RIGHT.

And I will practice active waiting..

Waiting with purpose.

Could be a cultural shift, or a physical one. Maybe a departure or arrival of an idea or a person.

Best not to speculate.

No future. No past.

A present.


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