detail of "BARK", m/m

detail of "BARK", m/m


My cognitive function is beginning to be impaired.

This, above all else is scary.

It’s the short term stuff and only every once in awhile.

When one has all their faculties intact it is always a possibility to talk ones’ self into or out of any reality, really.

Meditation practices place high value on ‘no-mind’.

But I don’t think they had this kind of ‘no-mind’ in mind.

PPMS is a slow accumulation of various disabilities.

No respite.

When I feel myself change direction and the high road I travel more often than not turns toward the downward spiral, I look to NATURE.

Not to humans. To Nature.

I trust that if I look there, trustable and ready answers are to be found if I look attentively.

Today, my attention goes toward trees.

They act as a bridge between Earth and the heavens as they set their roots and reach for the sky at the same time.

In between is the trunk.

Strong, with the bark as protective buffer against the elements.

Inside runs the sap.. the life juice of the tree.

The sap can’t/won’t run without that protective layer.

The metaphor I’m inching my way toward is this:

I’m going after whatever I need to do or whoever I need to be to have that ‘bark’ of mine be in tip-top shape.

I can only do what I can do.

I always think I can do more than that.

There is that pesky ‘thinking-thing’ again!

I’m going to soften into the slow flow of the thing and see if I can’t clear these channels of some of the extraneous thinking (worry) that may be part of the problem to begin with.

I find it interesting that the theme of protection keeps resurfacing in my posts.

Something trying to get my attention, no doubt.

Not going to THINK about it, though…

Allowing the information to come to me as it will feels more the ticket.

Yes, that feels right…

Whew.. what a relief not to have to ADD another thing!

Allow. Trust. Receive.


2 Responses to “Tree”

  1. Anne Parrish on January 12th, 2010

    Love your work. We have your piece called “Beach” and enjoy it daily. Thank you and know that your work is loved.

  2. Judy on January 13th, 2010

    You’re making perfect sense to me; you always do.

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