Joe Montana and Lipstick

"DIRECTION", 1997, 30" x 30", m/m


Yesterday, I bought a new shade of lipstick…

And last night I dreamed of JOE MONTANA.

I didn’t even think I knew who Joe Montana WAS!!

I don’t ever watch football because I can never find the ball in the midst of crashing maleness.

So, here I am, waking from a dream in which I meet Joe.

I am sitting on the ground with my back against a wall and he joins me there.

We like each other. He flirts. I feel fluttery. Life is good.

The conversation ends and it is time for me to get up and retrieve my walker which he has not seen yet.

The point of me telling you this is this:

In the dream, I did NOT cave to tears or apology or even anxiety in the unveiling of this new piece of information to my dream icon.


I got up (in my dream..) and got my walker and carried on with grace and the confidence of a true ‘warrioress in life.’

I know it was the new lipstick that ushered in this dream.

The perfect lipstick is a tool to be reckoned with.

Egyptian women knew the power of adornment better than any.

You may think I am kidding here…

Not a chance.

That dream was showing me what I have in me..what I have earned.

It was one of those rare iconic dreamscapes which arrive as a gift and message.

I am NOT my disability.

I am a woman interested in LIFE.

The fact I chose Joe to join me tells me that I may be playing too small.

Or, rather, I may have it in me now to widen my field of possibilities.

All this because of my new lipstick..


3 Responses to “Joe Montana and Lipstick”

  1. Dorothyanne Brown on February 6th, 2010

    Love it. I’m off on a new search for lipstick RIGHT NOW. Last night I dreamed I was wrestling a bookshelf into a new location in my apartment. Much less exciting.

  2. Bibliotekaren on February 6th, 2010

    It’s been a while since I felt like a woman, a real woman, instead of a patient who happens to be female.


  3. karen gordon on February 7th, 2010

    i love this cathy! wondering if i can re-post this to my blog with a link to yours, i was thinking i’d like to tell people about you anyway, i love your words and the way you string ’em! let me know.

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