"SIDE OF THE ROAD", 30" x 30" x 3", 2005, earth,gravel, washers


My life is moving very fast.

The public speaking seminar I just completed was wonderfully inspiring and intense.

My home has sold and I need to find a place to live within two weeks.

I know what to do when the anxiety of ‘too much’ rings my doorbell…

I return to the earth.

Start at square one..

Get dirt under my fingernails.

Sit on it. Smell it. Notice it. Let it take me.

I created the piece shown above from earth I gathered on a trip to Utah.

I travelled solo and was happy just spending a few days lookin’ around and driving..

Wind- in- my- hair kind of thing.

The kind of days when you just look up to where you think God might be and say out loud: “LIFE IS GOOD.”

The day I gathered the materials for this piece, I was driving down the long empty road and had to pee.

I stopped and walked a bit to a somewhat sheltered spot.

There was NO ONE around for miles but I am shy that way..

Walking back to the car I looked down and saw the most gorgeous combination of color: warm rust and seafoam green and a hint of mustard.

There was clay in the soil and it had formed in appealing shapes.

I went to the car and got a pail (ever ready in Cathy’s car) and collected my treasure.

When I return my attention to the earth, the world with it’s trials and confusion and velocity fades to grey as the ordinary and sensual pleasure of dirt opens me to possibility.

My priorities instantly shift into a more sensible order.

And my whole being softens to hear it’s whispered wisdom.

You can’t be loud when dealing with the earth because you’ll likely miss the best parts held between the lines.

Eyes closed, breath soft, senses heightened..

The gifts of the low-down and ordinary…


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