Speak Up

untitled, 12" x 12", 2001, m/m


This morning I am off to a professional public speaking seminar for two days.

This is how things go in my life..

Yesterday, I had no idea this was taking place.

And today, I have secured the last seat available.

I love to speak in front of people about my own story of change and resurrection.

I am interested in change.

It is common to us all.

How do we do it?

I mean, how do we change?

There are ways to negotiate this terrain with the outcome leaning toward a thriving life.

Or not.

My choice is the former and I seem to be well on my way toward that end.

Truth be told.. I’M SMACK IN IT…Thriving inside change.

And today, I will join 11 other people to practice talking about just that…

…Because it makes me happy and I want to make public speaking a big part of my life now.

But I want to do it WELL.. and EFFECTIVELY.. and HONESTLY.

So- I’ll sidle up next to those who make this their profession and see what I can learn.

She’s out in the world after a long hiatus and fairly chompin’ at the bit…


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