The Man

"CRITICAL MASS", 22" x 22" x 4", matches, earth


Since I will be off line a few days, I wanted to leave you with something special.

I have tasted the teachings and miracle-mongering of many revered teachers in my lifetime.

In the end, all the trying we might do hoping for answers to ease our shared suffering and ponder pesky questions like: “What is the purpose of life?” urge us inward, not outward.

Here is an interview with someone I love and greatly admire for his ability to reduce the flotsam into what feels essential and practical.

It is kindof a longish interview but you can take in in in stages like eating a warm and gooey chocolate cake…

The focus in the interview is yoga but you can substitute any old thing: illness or frailty, relationship, politics or choosing an apple from the grocery store..

The point being to access that still place inside us and ask for prompting regarding how to better negotiate this sometimes rugged road we all walk.

Open, listen, receive, trust, move.

Red apple or green one?

See you soon in my new home.


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