"RAIN", 2008, 10' x 12' x 3", ceramic, nails


“The antidote to exhaustion is whole-heartedness.”

I love that.

I don’t know the man’s name who said it but he lived his life as a monk.

Joseph Campbell said it in a different way: something like; ‘what dire disappointment should one realize that after a lifetime of climbing up the ladder, they were headed up the wrong tree altogether.’

When I think about what WHOLE-HEARTEDNESS means to me, it goes something like this:

There is a distinct difference between living a rational life and one guided by the heart.

If one is tuned toward that song, you’ll never have the luxury of being quite sure what or who will turn up.

And because you have left the door open and a light in the window for authenticity to find you and carve out it’s nest,

There is surely not too long to wait ’till the next miracle arrives..

No matter what it’s costume.

It / he/ she may be totally unrecognizable to you.

The clothes tattered or design outdated.

Rest assured there is a reason.

And take immense pleasure in the story as it unfolds.

Or don’t as the case may be.

But know your life has no taste for four walls.

Because some thing awaits.

Not of your own imagining or making.

A new thing.

An intuition, a tear, an inspiration, a recovery, some small noticing…

A life lived REAL.

And THAT right there, is what lights my fuse..


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