Good Coat

I had dinner last night with a good friend at a favorite haunt.

It was crowded and alive.

I tend toward off hours at restaurants as I can maneuver my walker better and use the time to muse and invent and create; my life as well as a carpet design of late..

My friend should give workshops in how to be a great girlfriend.

So.. we’re sitting there having a time eating chicken mole enchiladas..

My outfit for the night is one of the approximately 5-8 things in my current wardrobe.

I haven’t the stamina to think about clothes.

But I have a good coat.

It is surely one of my power tools.

It’s a medium weight cotton canvas which is finger tip length.

Good on me as I am tall.

The ‘power tool’ part of it is this:


All the colors you’d find in a garden.

I wear it when I am in good enough shape to risk attention.

Because it surely is not a neutral thing, this coat of mine.

It never ceases to amaze me how it acts as a bridge for my disability.

This is how I know design can play such an important role in equipment, lifestyle and the healthy psyches of those of us limping around on the planet.

People see my coat BEFORE the walker.

They oooohhhh and aaaahhhh and always comment.

I see that it makes them feel good to have a way to connect with me.

Rather than not addressing the elephant in the room.

Last evening, as my friend and I sat there finishing up, a good looking man passed us by on his way out the door and said as an aside “Beautiful.. both of you..”

He had been sitting at a large table of 8 people when we came in and two or three of them had exclaimed over my coat.

It seems a little thing, perhaps.

But disability carries a built in isolation.

I often don’t have the energy to connect.

Others don’t know how even if they want to.

Having a bridge such as a hat or coat or remarkable piece of jewelry can be a built in lifeline for both people involved in an exchange.

Looking good as I limp around the world helps to reframe the old paradigm of disability we all loathe; the grungy green walls and scented halls of the nursing home in your mind.

No.. a life is a precious thing.

And there is ALWAYS a way to instill it with beauty.

And find a way to invite others to participate in your precious life to the extent that YOU choose.

Win / win…


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  1. Pamela Markoya on March 27th, 2010

    You, my dear friend, make that coat beautiful!

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