A friend told me she had read an interesting idea that three core elements which give rise to a fertile landscape for love to grow are these:


I have been thinking about this and it feels right and good in my book.

Love mean a number of things to me.

Really, it FEELS a myriad of ways.

I am blessed to have so very much of it in my life.

The people I enjoy being around the most have independent and fulfilling lives.

They tend to be creative and have a high tolerance for depth in thinking and feeling.

Their circle feels complete and mine does as well.

There is no desire or inclination or tolerance for COMPLETING them in any way.

We, two separate and vital spheres, meet , and at that precious and miraculous and mysterious meeting place, stuff happens..

Or it doesn’t as the case may be.

When it does, that feels like love to me.

The song is ALWAYS different which makes for interesting theater.

When I am MET in this way, there is no drain or lessening or WORK involved.

It feels easy and enlivening and rich and wide.

Rare, in my experience, to be sure, but I am experiencing this much more often of late.

But then again, I just became REAL pretty recently so it makes sense I missed the boat a few million times because I had a leaden weight around my ankle.

The thing is, it takes TWO to meet in this way.


A figure eight.

I think about what is it really, that gave me the stamina on all levels to make it to the place I am today?

I somehow KNEW that THE RIGHT TO BE is our birthright.

Just to BE WHO WE ARE.

But we must grab it.

Reach long and wide ’til you think you’re gonna fall off the galloping horse as you grab the ring.

Then take a few years; 5 or 10 or 20…

And sink into the peace of no pretense or mask making.

The utter simplicity of just BEING.

And just watch what shows up..


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