Our Undoing

detail of drawing, 1979


There was a great comment sent to me yesterday on this blog:

“MS is my undoing, at times.”

I know the spirit in which that was sent ’cause ‘been there, felt that..’

She meant that MS can get the upper hand and sneak in a couple jabs to the most sensitive part of us and take us down.

Sneakily.. slimily…

Then walk away and leave us there to deal.

Because my mind tends toward finding the flicker of life in there, somewhere, I wonder if our ‘undoing’ isn’t precisely the point?

What if DOING isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?

Maybe, for those of us so entangled in the mire of the American dream, we need to be taken down..

With a fierce jab to the kidney.

Clock some time on the gritty ground.

And get our sights retooled.

Toward something that means something.

That has nothing to do with doing.


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