Power Tool For Change # 6 – “REFRAME SECURITY”

Many of my previously count-on-able sources of security are gone or going.

Financial resources, my ability to move my body quickly and with ease, the stamina to create large works of art, a twenty five year art career, a home I owned and goals I thought I was committed to but aren’t anymore.

I am new.

Infantile, even.

Not in the weak and helpless sense but more like I’m planted in a new garden and don’t want to sully the naive and tender sprouts with old paradigms and false needs or desires.

These waters I’m swimming in are surely unfamiliar but I sense a gathering archive I might call something like: ‘the right to right action.’

What does that mean??

Not entirely sure yet but the start of it goes something like this:

If you know some life-stuff isn’t working..MAKE SPACE for a new thing to occur.

In that space watch for/feel for what prompting comes.

Example: I needed to find a place to live in two weeks time.

I FELT what I wanted/needed which was: small, bright,safe,affordable,elegant,simple,quiet and life-affirming.

After I sent that very literal vibe out there and asked for assistance from Spirit and friends, the return message settled into my bones that it was on it’s way.

I still worried.

But I ACTED by doing every darn thing I could think of to help the process along.

I am intrigued by the results returning to me from watching this pattern of: INTEND, ACT, ALLOW.

It’s VERY different than a wish and a prayer and leave it at that.

Been doing that half-assed poking into the ethers and waiting for results for a LONG time.

No, this is different.

A conscious KNOWING is the part that was missing.

The question mark is: how did I actually get to that knowing part?

I don’t have the answer but this thing is happening often enough that I know I’m getting warm.

If I have to depend on some sort of exterior-generated sense of security, I lose right off the bat.

So, I gotta figure this out.. follow the musky and skittish scent to the center point and say my peace..

Say my peace… yeah, that’s it.


3 Responses to “Power Tool For Change # 6 – “REFRAME SECURITY””

  1. Pam on March 14th, 2010

    Intend, Act and Allow … just a lovely reminder for me this morning.
    How are you my dear friend?
    I am loving your site. So beautiful and rich.

  2. Laura Hegfield on March 14th, 2010

    “If you know some life-stuff isn’t working..MAKE SPACE for a new thing to occur.” This really resonates for me…holding on/clinging to what worked before is not helpful when big life changes happen…May your”small, bright,safe,affordable,elegant,simple,quiet and life-affirming” new space/home/lifestyle manifest exactly when and as you need it to be.


  3. Pamela Markoya on March 14th, 2010

    Reframe…. how beautiful the woman looks in her new home.
    Reframe…. how serene the surroundings that hold her.
    Reframe…. how peaceful her Spirit in this new light.
    Reframe…. how happy is the little dog on the plush rug.
    Reframe…. how perfect that the chair came to her now.
    Reframe…. how for today…. this is completely right.

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