Shadow Night

In my new home the nights are velvet.

Dark and deep and I am unfamiliar with their palette as yet..

I want to be out in it.

But sleep is my main medicine these days.

I am so very tired.

Each time I tackle some giant stress-generating task like moving or installing an artwork or traveling or some big thing..

It takes me to my knees.

Each time a little lower..

Till I’m where I am now; down there squinting for the light.

I’ve been accused or championed for continuing to take the high road in my life.

The nay-sayers are all about reminding me I might be skipping the reality of things and too in love with hope.

My supporters are inspired by my ‘never-say-die’ attitude.

Yes, I am a warrior.

My landscape is not as black and white as one finds in the daylight.

For me, the shadows have become alive with the small songs of other intelligence.

Mysterious and skittish by nature, the inhabitants are more than benign.

They hold my hand in the night and drink my tears.

They squeal in almost inaudible delight as at last I turn my face to God.

And quit traveling alone.

I’m not making this stuff up..

My dog sees them when I can’t and looks longingly into a bare corner and wags her tail.

How often do we see nothing?

When there is surely something?


One Response to “Shadow Night”

  1. Laura Hegfield on March 23rd, 2010

    there is nothing I can add but to say thank you for taking us into your exquisite darkness if only for a brief poetic sharing.

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