Still Waters

"BLACK FOREST", 2008, 7' x 20" x 50"h, ceramic,wood,gypsum sand


I’ve come to rest at last.

My home feels like home and I love it’s quietness, birds, cool plaster and tile surfaces.

But most of all, I love it that it seems to love me..

I set up my whole altar.

I couldn’t do it till it told me where it wanted to be.

It certainly took it’s time lookin’ around for a spot.

Funny, how after a number of years of studying non-human energies, they have made their way into my inner circle.

I actually know that without their help, there would BE no circle at all.

I know this kind of talk sounds pie-in-the-sky at best to those who have never befriended a rock.

But, I beg you.. don’t sell yourselves short.

Just watch for one to CHOOSE YOU.

Sounds silly…

Have it in your periphery consciousness that you are open to being chosen by a part of the mineral kingdom.

You don’t have to BELIEVE.

Just experiment.

Maybe when you’re walking ’round you’ll suddenly feel a slight tug to look a certain direction..

And they’re she’ll be..

Ask permission to displace her.

And see what she has to offer.

Rocks can be great protectors..warriors at the threshold of your home.

They are so dense and that very denseness can be put to use.

I get so skittish and raw in my nervous system these days that I go to them for soothing.

The more I allow NATURAL INTELLIGENCE to guide me (by that I mean the huge bundles of energy and information we’ve forgotten how to connect with like plants, creatures, moon, wind,earth), the SMOOTHER and MORE EFFECTIVE IN MY BODY AND THE WORLD I feel.

Santa Fe is a little pocket in the world in which conversations such as these are not weird or off-putting.

This town is all about tolerance; the weird, novel, innovative, naive and far-reaching.

Actually, no one really stands a chance negotiating all this upheaval now surrounding us unless we think outside the ‘life template’ we took on as true.

Be still and know.

Toss a pebble around in your pocket and just see if your day doesn’t get better…

Or maybe just different.


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