"ATTITUDE", 5' x 5', 1983, wool flannel, pigment

“ATTITUDE”, 1980, 5′ x 5′, wool flannel, pigment


This piece was really the only work I ever did which is this representational.

It must have needed to come forward at that time.

I remember wanting people to take notice of me and my work.

I thought a little bit of ‘in-your-face’ might do it.

(I painted stuff like this instead of stirring up an argument).

For some reason, this textile took FOREVER to sell.

I kept seeing it over the years in my studio when I tackled straightening and cleaning.

Why? I asked myself, does no one want to take this home?

The only reason I came up with was the fact that I had used a photograph as reference to make sure I got the likeness down.

Now, one of the things I learned in art school is never to be afraid to COPY!


Steal ideas and composition and color choices.

Keep doing it until you have a sense of what is YOUR OWN.

A style you can stand behind and not apologize to anyone for.

Because it’s genesis was YOU.

And you are unique.

Someone else can come close but they’ll never smoke the cigar.

And THAT is why this piece would not sell.

It wasn’t really mine.

I stole the power from another and TRIED to make it mine.

The way I live my life these days is surely informed by such experiences.

I create/live from more of a LISTENING stance than a: ‘I’ll decide this thing and will it into action’ kind of thing.

I WAIT more.

PAUSE till I get prompted to do.

This proves inconvenient in our culture of ‘fast and more’.

It is like the frustration we all (me, too) feel at the airport trying to catch a plane with a baby stroller or handicapped person in front of you.

You gotta slow…..it…..way…….down.

And we have little tolerance for that.

But, really, there’s gold in them thar’ hills…

And limping along as I do, I get to hear the sirens call.

But it likely is more of a whisper.

And if I can manage, I’ll stop and plaster my belly on the cool earth to make sure I catch the tune.


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