Christ and Us

4′ x 4′ x 4″, 2000, ceramic, earth, gravel, nails, wood


Here, in Santa Fe, this is a holy time of year.

The time of Good Friday, when the Bible tells us Christ was crucified and Easter Sunday; the day the rock was moved and it was found empty of Jesus’ corpse.. resurrected it is said.

Many, many people make long pilgrimages from miles away carrying heavy crosses on their backs or crawling on their knees to a place called The Santuario in Chimayo.

I go there often myself during off-season just to sit and meditate in the old adobe walls,

It is a sacred healing place somewhat like Lourdes in France.

The earth there is said to carry healing power and people come with bags large and small to dig from a little hole and take some earth home with them.

I am intrigued by the space of time between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Some major stuff is said to have happened following Christ’s crucifixion and his revival, so the story goes.

We, humans spend most all our time in that very space between, it seems to me.

No one gets a pass in the suffering department.

And that very suffering is the key to the emperors new clothes.

By that, I mean we can have no possible idea or experience what NOT suffering feels like until we have done some of it ourselves.

It seems to me that this epic outpouring of inviting suffering which all the pilgrims walking in the snow and sleet and windy weather outside my door are yearning for, may be the accelerated version of:

1. Take me and my masked ways of being.   Kill the false self I cannot kill on my own.

2. Grace me with time to sink humbly into my nakedness.  The me I have known is no more.

3. Wake me dressed in authentic and true clothes fit for a radiant being such as myself.

4. Call me to a higher order than my self-centric past.

5. Hear me as I give thanks for the right just to BE.

For me, that right there is the gist of Easter.

Illness can get you there right quick.

With that in mind, God: give me the strength and Grace to bear this burden and try to control my involuntary salivating waiting and hoping for the rock to be moved and the light.. the light let in…


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