Dog Love

I woke up this morning with this creature stretched out to gargantuan lengths two inches from my eyes and snoring loudly.

This is new behavior as she has never been so ‘in -my-face’ as she sleeps.

I am pretty sure she knew I had dreams of bad men and complicated journeys in the night and was standing guard with extra attention to her human.

I love my dog.

I love my dog.

My extremely sensitive nervous system is still not too great at discriminating what is my ‘stuff’ and what of the collective muck and mire I register as mine but really is not.

Olivia returns me to baseline in an instant by her eyes at half mast when she feel my love.

Or, if my psyche is out far away battling whatever foe.. with a touch, I return..

..Washed clean and ready to pile up the armor in a distant corner and just sit with this even-breathing soul.

I say.. there is absolutely NOTHING better than watching her smile in her sleep.

Absolutely nothing.


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