Grit and Grace

My brother Scott is a pilot for Southwest Airlines.

When I spoke the other day about living in a ‘whole-hearted’ way, his name comes to mind.

He has the gift of a true and count-on-able balance between his rational mind and his heart intelligence.

These qualities make for a great pilot.

You may wonder,and wonder often, I suppose, why in the world I have a blog with the words MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS in it and insist on holding forth about anything BUT most of the time.

For me, the fastest and most sure healing track involves NOT TAKING ON THE IDENTITY of ‘a woman with MS’,

But rather watching and listening for what it is that BRINGS ME ALIVE.

What / who do I have true affection for?

And it is THAT path I choose to take.

Using my precious and faltering-of-late attention and life energy and moving toward healing of ALL OF ME..

Not just my body.

So, yesterday was my brother’s birthday.

The first time I flew with him was into and through the Grand Canyon inside a tin can of a plane with two Germans.

He said: “Cath..don’t tell them I’m your brother.”

Well, that promise lasted about a nanosecond as the pride I had in my brother swelled to a dangerous level and I could contain myself no longer..

Against all odds, he followed his call.

He carved his way through the ranks of those others bowing and scraping toward a secure position with a respectable airline.

He held his ground and persevered until those who mattered couldn’t help but notice he was born to wear a uniform and they gave it to him.

He’s a guy who can stand there just owning the piece of ground he walks on and you just want to hand over your trust.

That’s the guy you want to be standing in the cockpit greeting you as you enter the airplane on a thundery, windy flight through black clouds.

Actually, I’d want him seated in his proper place in the cockpit doing the stuff he needs to do to keep me safe..

But no matter.. you get the drift.

The point here is pride.

I feel my boundaries swell when I think of what he has overcome to become who he is.

This feels whole-hearted to me…

For me, who gets to witness him..

And hopefully for my brother, who carved this life for himself.

I have learned a lot about persistence from him.

Never say die.

‘Cause on the other side of the muck and mire is often the gold we seek.


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