Intriguing Territory

Well… I am off once again to Colorado Springs to work with the frequency medicine I am having such great results with. I spend my days seeing the physicist twice a day then come back to cool linens in the hotel and stay there till I do it again the next day. It may LOOK like nothing is happening but you can be sure I have gratitude I’m not expected to perform any gymnastic feat this week…

I’ll be back online next Saturday.

In the meantime:

Here are some things that have sparked my interest and perhaps they will for you as well:

I tried to keep them fun and short.. xxxxxx

how to love pollen

photos that changed the world

cool visual thesaurus

a favorite blog of mine

learning from kids

Best of YouTube in 4 minutes


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  1. Carol Aten on April 18th, 2010

    I am a visual thesaurus junkie and think it is best used with the filter off, and if you are feeling really silly – you have have it ‘speak’ any word you wish.

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