detail of "THRIVE", 2008, ceramic


All you need is one…

One new thought, or belief or action

To change your point-of-view

And have the possibility of healing.

The MS road is arduously packed with vague promises and suppositions.

It feels so good to believe.

Like a religion, almost.

Believing gives us a place to belong.

To be seen in the ‘context-familiar.’

And belief is a powerfully transformative tool.

A community acting together can jive in a way that scoots evolution along in a quantum way.

Remember the 100th monkey phenomenon.

But it takes just one..

One lone cowboy

Comin’ into town

Dirty and wrinkled from the loneliness and stigma of riding fast and free.

Just one thought outside-the-box

And poof!

We got ourselves light years down this rocky road in an instant.

You gotta BELIEVE in healing to heal.

It feels like a warm fuzzy at times to belong to the walking wounded.

You belong! There’s ALWAYS a shared interest at parties as EVERY BODY knows suffering. Who’s your Doctor? Where’s your pain? What pill? What sorrow? What fear?


Boring, boring.

I’m tending toward hitching a ride with that cowboy.

Destination unknown.

But the possibilities are endless.

Instead of securely carved in stone.


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