"THRIVE", 2008, ceramic, nails


The installation pictured above is one of my favorites.

Of course, the home it is installed in ain’t too shabby but that aside..

I like it.

I like it because it is so very edited down to nothing extraneous happening there.

I also have a deep connection to the piece because it feels like a self-portrait.

The forms wouldn’t be of interest without the shadows.

The piece is alive as the sun moves through out the day and changes the mood of the work.

There’s that one renegade element insistent on not remaining in formation.

It tells a story from left to right as it begins with the meditation of slow and careful consideration; one foot in front of the other. Not drawing too much attention to ones’ self.

THEN.. it hits the abyss (the doorway) and all hell breaks loose..

Elements scatter and find their own way to spots that feel comfortable to attach to.

They are never really alone but always in relationship to one another though the tension between elements tightens and relaxes as the journey continues.

There is a sense of freedom but also chaos.

They seem to be drawn to the light and make their way in that direction, following the draw of the heat of day.

And this whole journey is a pretty accurate record of my own.

Order and chaos…

We go into both of those places almost moment by moment, don’t we?

I always get stuck when I like one state better than the other..

Or I am SURE the spot on the line is where I’ll stay the rest of my life.

How is it that reality feels so damned carved in stone?

I hate it that I can’t seem to remember in the midst of my body collapsing or my heart breaking that REALITY IS CHANGE…. ONLY CHANGE.

I find such peace in that.

Whenever I can remember to remember.


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