Under the Bridge

"PYLON", 2008, 7' x 20", ceramic, earth, wood
“PYLON”, 2008, 7′ x 20″ x 4″, ceramic, earth, wood

The inspiration for this piece was my fascination with all the stuff that ends up congregated in a group growing beneath the water line under a dock or bridge.

The life that sends it’s tentacles out and grabs hold of the solid and sure thing of the wooden pylon.

Such a big mish-mash of things.

And yet- they all end up together in this one place making a home for themselves.

Related,  in that the ocean or lake keeps on washing up against them and they stay put mostly, I think.

The whole thing reminds me of my own life; peopled with characters shiny and not..

I get the nicest feeling when I think of all of us: “Cathy’s clan (including critters, unmet souls, intimate strangers, inner circle people and favorite rocks..) all of us doing this thing called LIFE.

For the past two years I have pulled in to recalibrate.

My brand of healing needs silence and empty space.

If I’m not attached to myself as a ‘sick’ person, which I am not, there must be room and an invitation to let the ocean wash over me in all it’s saltiness and take the buffet of the waves intent on claiming me for their own.

The solace comes from those around me doing the same thing..

Just barely holding our ground waiting for the still waters on the other side of the storm.

There, we can relax into the ease of ‘no fight’, put up our feet and have a margarita or two.

Enjoy the press of each other’s company.

‘Till the waves start pickin’ up again.


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  1. Pam on April 12th, 2010

    Thank you, Cathy. I absolutely love this piece: the images seen and said… flotsam is the word that comes to my mind.
    Soothing balm for me this morning.
    Much love to you today…

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