A Friend

Intimacy means very different things to me now as a 55 year old woman than it did as a teenager.

What do you make of it when an email arrives with the message an old friend from high school is very ill and you remember having so very little substantial conversation with him; couldn’t say you really knew him at all… but you KNEW him and LOVED a part of him and recognized him in some weird way?

Lately, I have more and more recognition of those people I call my TRIBE.

Those few I know without knowing anything.

That probably makes little sense but we’re talking about being connected to people in ways other than through normally perceived avenues like shared history.

My sense is that there are people we could have as lovers or mothers or grocery store checkers that pass through our lives with the intent of unmasking us in some way or lighting a fire under our butt or perhaps helping us remember the best of ourselves when we forget or even showing us who we are NOT.

These recognitions feel so intimate to me.

Their purpose is far beyond my knowing but I trust them and am glad for the contact; the benign, lovingly supportive and gut wrenchingly challenging all.


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  1. Diane J Standiford on May 26th, 2010

    I totally believe this. I feel a connection to all I met or hear or see or in any way cross my path called life. And when people have asked me or told me what I think about some wrong-doing of another to them or in front of them I tell them that “It is all about YOU.” What we feel, don’t feel, act, don’t act, all defines who WE are. There are no strangers if we know of them. We are all family. I take no one for granted. Now I know you. Not well, but now you and I are joined forever.

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