Friendly Skies

untitled, 1999, 30″ x 40″,m/m

My brother Scott, the Southwest pilot, had an overnight in Albuquerque yesterday and drove his sweet self up to see me.

He arrived in his fabulous captain’s uniform, all white and proper and responsible.

He looked so great.

I had that puffed-up, proud feeling I get when people I love are standing smack in the middle of life in ways they’ve fought hard for and were born to, it seems.

He wanted to know if there were things he could do for me.

1. Tie up recyclable cardboard boxes and take to trash.

2. Put pot of pansies outside.

3. Unbox new toaster oven and cut down boxes.

4. Sharpen knives.

He says: “Are these the same knives I sharpened the last time I was here?”

“Yes,” I say.

“Cath.. I’m not going to sharpen these. You need new knives. (20 years old..) Do you have a ROSS DISCOUNT store in this town?”

“Well, yes we do.”

“I will buy you some new knives. Maureen (sister-in-law) bought some the other day for $5.00. REALLY good ones.”

My brother NEVER refuses to do things for anyone when they ask so I know that it is time for me to get new knives.

I love how people in my life who love me keep me modern.

Perhaps it is more to assuage their own horror?


Doing life alone would be a sorry state of affairs.

And no fun what-so-ever.


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  1. Courtney on May 10th, 2010

    Cathy, your painting reminded me a little of my photograph : )

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