Full Moon

Today, I am off to Chicago to see my sister and her family.

I’ll be back online Tuesday.

Tonight is the full moon and it seems to be having an effect on everyone I know.

FRACTIOUS is a word I’d use to describe the state of affairs out in the world right now.

Drama, worry, indecision everywhere.

I had a massage yesterday after denying myself that pleasure for too long.

It was with someone new so there was a bit of that weirdness before you begin to learn someone.

I disrobed and started to try to get up on the table.

My leg wouldn’t lift and so I tried to lean over and roll myself into position.

After about 5 minutes I got there but my gown was all tangled underneath me and this was when he came in.

He said: “Did you have a bit of trouble getting up here? I heard a bit of moaning.”

I burst out laughing as the sounds I utter are quite inaudible to me when I am concentrating really hard to attempt a physical challenge.

I’m telling you, humility is the best invention around..

If I didn’t have that, there is a good chance I’d be very alone and angry.

The moon governs tides and it’s gravitational pull acts on our 90% watery selves.

I use these times of full moon to let go of what doesn’t serve me anymore.

I give it over to her and she takes it gladly.

I almost see some sort of sly smile as she seems to know what I let go of makes room for ‘other’ which has NEVER ONCE failed to excite, inspire, intrigue or satisfy me.

I am feeding her my PRIDE at the moment.

Take it, dear moon, and leave my heart a little more undefended, a little more open to innocence without judgement.


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