“SNAKE IN THE GRASS”, 1980, 4″ x 6′, pigment on wool flannel

I remember creating this piece as a sort of record of my day.

A diary entry if you will.

Revisiting it after all these years I see that things are not all that different.

There is still that snake in the grass in the form of MS which, back then, was probably something like a headache keeping me from a date. (bottom layer)

Still have attention on various relationships which need work or are doing great. (man, woman, ladder)

All my primary symbols making early appearances:  ( turtle, 4 directions, ladder, bullseye)

And all the big questions are still rolling around in my brain. (spirals at top with opening toward the heavens ready to get the answers)

So, what IS different?

Mainly my point-of-view.

I can shift it fairly easily these days into a place which feels full-of-life instead of living at the effect of all the cultural and personal overlays we are all at the mercy of.

Until we’re not.

MS = death sentence and incurable… OR… MS = change to be addressed and managed while holding hands with POSSIBILITY.

For goodness sake.. aren’t we all a little bit bored by all the stuff  WE ARE SO SURE WE THINK WE KNOW?

The state of boredom is a very powerful one if we let it be and not cave into abject lethargy.


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  1. Laura Hegfield on May 13th, 2010

    Cathy, I’m so grateful to have discovered you through your wisdom filled blog! Hello dear one, please stop by my blog…I have something for you:)

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