Maiden Voyage

“BIG MARK”, 2001, 11″ x 11″ x 4″, m/m

Though she doesn’t have a name yet, my new black friend is patient.

She sits there beside my desk just waiting to be called into service.

My new wheelchair!

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

I have excuses.

The weather: rain, sleet, snow.

My travels to Colorado.

On and on..

But yesterday was fine and my dog was looking particularly longing.

And so I accepted her invitation and we took her 6 wheels and my adventuresome spirit OUTSIDE MY APARTMENT!

I waited till my landlady was nowhere in sight (because I somehow insist on delving into new territory alone)

And THANK GOD she was out there by the mailbox as I got myself stuck on the place where the driveway meets the dirt road.

OK, Cath… you are in need of assistance here…

She took Olivia’s leash and watched me as I maneuvered the delicate but impressively potent joystick of the machine and disengaged myself from the dirt bump.


She gives me back the leash and away we go.

“This feels fun,” I think.

Olivia is REALLY liking it, too.

We roll along the bumpy road getting used to each other and this new perspective on life.

Then it happens…


I check the battery charge and it’s ok.

Supposed to get 10 miles out of this thing.

After awhile, I feel my friend heaving a bit; working a little too hard.

I’m trying to just RELAX into the fact that this machine has a top speed of 0.2 mph and just enjoy the ride.

I start thinking about my 1973 yellow Camaro from college.

Then, I wipe the thought from my brain and try to stay present.

The battery suddenly registers much lower and I turn around and head for home.

She balks at the driveway grade once again and I get out to PUSH HER UP THE DRIVEWAY.

There is something very wrong with this picture.

Back home, I Google the wheelchair model and see other’s commenting that it is purely an indoor chair and not meant for negotiating washboard roads.

Well… I like her just the same. She is used and a little worn but a loving gift and I am grateful.

We are intimate friends now.

We cruised through an important threshold together.

So, I’m just now enjoying the humor and thrill of it all and trying to stay in the pesky present moment.

But that yellow and black low down Camaro just keeps scratching on my brain.

xxxxx The maiden from Motown..


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  1. Carol Aten on May 9th, 2010

    this reminds me of some bad moments in a golf cart at my sister’s golf course in Florida. There is the human – driving- the machine – going – and the learning inbetween that isn’t really meshing with the human intention and the machine’s capability. Keep your sense of humor handy on this flight path 🙂

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