Not Neutral

“DANCE”, 1992, 4′ x 3′, m/m

The deadliest mode of being I am aware of is that of NEUTRALITY.

For me that means you haven’t even picked up the sword let alone walk the razor’s edge.

In the case of illness as well as anything else in life, the Gods need SOME kind of direction.

Because I lived for so long attempting to smooth out wrinkles and load up the room service trays of various hungry people, I could not distinguish a sword from a 2 x 4.

This does not a warrioress make…

One marker for health, in my book, is the ability to walk on that finely hewn metal edge as a fully electric being as you keep your wits about you enough to bob and weave according to the shifting balance point.

It pays to have some training in yoga and breathe deeply into your belly.

And also take a few liberties like having a good friend below with the mattress unfurled should you need a soft place to fall.

But Albert Camus said: “LIVE TO THE POINT OF TEARS.”

And I have begun to appreciate the salt content in the recipes I use for living.


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