Precious Humanity

“GOOD GIRL”, 11″ x 11″ x 4″, 1997, m/m

I’ve been practicing forgiving myself the last few days; for not being more fit physically, financially, spiritually, etc, etc..

It is those moments of doubt that I seem to totally forget my own courage and resilience.

My interior theater-of-life is peopled with a wide array of characters.

I know I am in good shape when I start to get BORED by particularly overdone and overused scenes.

The costumes are decidedly threadbare in the scene where Cathy doesn’t trust herself to go out and be big in the world; be seen, make a difference, GET OVER HERSELF!

There is an exhibition at MoMA right now that should not be missed.

The artist, Marina Abramovic’, is a master in performance art.

In this, her current work, she sits in a chair in the middle of a gallery with an empty chair opposite her.

Anyone in the audience may choose to sit in the chair opposite her for as much time as they desire.

Not a word is spoken.

Just two human beings being together in silence.

The photographs of the participants are worth their weight in gold as they are all of US.. all the precious players in the big theater of life.

See how magnificent we are…


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  1. Laura Hegfield on May 9th, 2010

    I love this concept. Happy Mother’s Day Cathy, may you mother yourself with deep and compassionate love today and every day.

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