The Practice

“TEMPLE”, 1994, 60″ x 40″, m/m

Getting healthy is a practice.

I’ve made it my spiritual practice as it seems fitting and that’s usually what I do with conundrums I can find no reason or rhyme for.

Here’s how it goes in the densest of times:

I had a beer last night.

Because I FELT GOOD and it is SPRING and the evening air was soft and intoxicating.

So… I took it further and imbibed.

And then I had another because it was so fun.

And today I cannot walk.

I already know the results that come from alcohol and sugar in general but does it seem to matter that I have already learned these things?

They say the definition of INSANITY is knowing the outcome of a situation but going back in expecting a different result.

It is easy and familiar for me to let the BIG FAT JUDGE out of his room at times like these.

But at this point on my road FORGIVENESS is the thing.


And onward we go..

A good poem:

“The Practice” by Kim Rosen

Not the high mountain monastery I had hoped for
The real face of my spiritual practice is this…
The sweat that pearls on my cheek when I tell you the truth.
My silent shriek in the night when I think I’m alone
The trembling in my own hand as I reach out,
through the years of overcoming,
to touch what I hoped I would never need again.


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