detail of sculpture

A contemplative life could very well appear as navel gazing.

As my large installation-creating abilities drop away they are being replaced by an inward turn.

My nature has always been such that I wonder and muse and put my attention on systems.

Oftentimes those systems are things like this: how does all the produce sold at a grocery store get from the plot of farmland to the truck to the right road to the warehouse to the packager to the store to the right isle?

Stuff like that.

It is just the way my mind works. Loving the connections hidden from us that get the trains where they should be at the right time, all shiny and ready to take us where we want to go.

I find it intriguing.

These days, going in like I am, I look in directions like these: What actually creates health? What is a rich life? Is this what God feels like? Why do I get this weird feeling when I am with this one person? I feel crummy this morning. Is it something I ate or something I thought or something that belongs to someone else? My heart is wide and open here but protected and armored in this circumstance. Why?

You think about things like these which at the outside seem self indulgent, but as answers start coming clearer, guideposts appear for a thriving existence.

All the dross of a me-centric life starts shifting toward a BE-centric one.

It seems to start out like an endless array of self-centric psyche-diving but somehow along the way it moves into a wide and open place where I start leaving the ME behind.

I feel it beginning to happen and the solace of it keeps me riveted.

My ‘ME’ was/is so damn jam packed with ‘other-than-space’ that the little I’m privy to at the moment is very, very good medicine.

I guess the thing that is getting me here is the call to follow a particular system of thought, being, doing and keep following like a perfect dance partner.. giving myself over to the slight brush of a thigh or a pressure directing me left and moving into a turn and then a titillating pause..

When I think of it like that; as a call to follow rather than an ego based decision to do this or that, I see it is God’s language that is the main event and I am rapt with intrigue at the thing unveiling itself.


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